Dual Enrollment Program

Experience life at an art college and earn college credits while still in high school

High school students have the opportunity to take up to 6 college credits at PCA&D per semester as a rising or current junior or rising or current senior.

PCAD students having class in the Atrium

How to Apply

1. Fill out the PCA&D Dual Enrollment Application at pcad.edu/dualenroll-apply

2. Fill out the “Student” section of your high school’s Dual Enrollment Request Form and give it to your Guidance Counselor. If your high school isn’t on the list, you can still apply by contacting admissions@pcad.edu.

3. Ask your Guidance Counselor to fill out the “Counselor” section of the Request Form and send it to admissions@pcad.edu with your official transcripts.

4. PCA&D’s Dual Enrollment Counselor will be in touch to schedule a brief Interview. If you’re planning to take a studio class, be ready to present and discuss 5 pieces of artwork that you feel best showcase the skills you’ll be using in the classes you want to take at PCA&D.

5. When you’re accepted, the Admissions Counselor will work with you to register for classes.

additional help

If you have questions or need additional help please contact us at admissions@pcad.edu.

My Dual Enrollment Experience

Mab Moon '21, Fine Art

Mab MoonI first learned about dual enrollment from my high school guidance counselor who directed me towards this path once I had taken all the art classes that McCaskey had to offer after sophomore year. I was very interested because I wanted to continue learning about art since it is something I am very passionate about.

Being a high school student in college classes was hard but all my teachers both at McCaskey and PCA&D were very understanding and helped me out a lot. I had to miss every Wednesday to take a class at PCA&D and this meant I had to manage my time well because I had eight classes every day at McCaskey, but all my teachers made sure I knew what assignments were due and what I had missed each Wednesday.

I knew right away I wanted to pursue Fine Art because it gave me the freedom to experiment with mediums which has always been something I wanted.

Now that I have graduated, I can see how much dual enrollment helped me because I was able to finish one year ahead which saved me money and time, and I contribute a lot of the reasons why I didn’t have to take any student loans to that.

I think that this is a great option for any high schooler considering this, I am encouraging my sister who is in high school right now to pursue this option as well.

Bring PCA&D Dual Enrollment To Your School

If you’re interested in developing a curricular relationship between Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and your institution, please contact us about new partnerships by emailing admissions@pcad.edu or calling 800.689.0379, ext. 1001.