As a parent, guardian, or family member of a prospective student, the college search journey is also your journey.

You want to know that your student’s educational experience will prepare them for life and a career, that your student will be happy and successful in their college choice, and that they will be safe at college.

You likely have questions about affordability and may even question if a four-year college degree is worth the investment. Some parents and guardians are concerned about meeting deadlines for admission and financial aid.

At Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, we can address your questions and help your student to succeed in college and in life. You and your student will have the services of a personal admission counselor who will assist you with all aspects of the admission, financial aid, and enrollment processes.

The college selection process can be overwhelming at times, and we want to make sure that you stay on track to maximize all opportunities for receiving financial aid, a class schedule, support services, etc.

Call us at 717.396.7833 ext. 1001 or email admissions@pcad.edu to speak to your personal admission counselor. We can’t wait to meet you.

PCAD Dean of Admissions : Bob Beener



Robert Beener
Dean of Admissions

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Let's Answers Some Of Your Questions

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is a professional art college that offers a 4-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. The BFA is the desired professional degree for artists and designers. PCA&D is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Students at PCA&D can major in animation & game art, fine art, graphic design, illustration, live experience design & production, and photography & video.

All students spend the first year in Foundation, building a solid set of art and design skills and concepts. The liberal arts curriculum is also an important component of your education. These classes build critical-thinking skills and examine the creative process in a wide range of subjects. 65% of your classes take place in the studio and the remaining 35% are in the liberal arts.

Applications should be submitted by March 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester for priority consideration.

Applications can be submitted year-round. Priority is given to applicants who apply early.

Transfer students must be accepted to PCA&D before receiving a final credit evaluation from our dean of students.

PCA&D offers personal attention not found at other colleges with 300 students in our BFA programs. Unlike larger institutions, we enroll only a limited number of students to maintain a close-knit creative community, providing students with smaller classes and more individualized instruction. Our student-to-teacher ratio average is 9 to 1.

An average of 94% of respondents to our annual survey of graduates reported being employed full-time or pursuing advanced education within one year of graduation. PCA&D is proud of our alumni and the innovative work they are accomplishing. You can read more about our alumni in our alumni profiles.

Yes. All students are required to submit a portfolio.
Portfolio Submission

Yes. All students complete a professional internship prior to graduation.

Internship Program

Yes. All students are required to purchase a laptop prior to starting classes.

Technology Requirements 

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How does my student navigate the admissions process?

What are the deadlines for admission? What if my student needs assistance with creating their portfolio? What are my options for visiting campus? How will my student get information once accepted?

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Can we afford to send my student to PCA&D?

What types of scholarships and financial aid are available? How do we apply for financial aid? Are there work study opportunities for my student? Who can I contact?
PCA&D Students


What benefits will my student receive attending an art college?

Is PCA&D accredited? How do I know my student will be supported? Does the college find students internships? Who will be my student’s advisor? What’s the difference between a BFA and a BA?
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What's the environment like when living at PCA&D?

Where in Lancaster is PCA&D? Where will my student live? What measures are taken for student safety on campus and in their housing? What student clubs are offered?

PCA&D Students


Will my student find employment in their chosen art field?

What kind of salary will my student make? Where are PCA&D alumni working and what do they do? What are recent graduates doing?

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