Join a Club or Organization

Students are invited to engage with classmates by joining our student-run clubs and organizations

Whether you are in search of a support group, looking to share a special talent or interest, or simply want to explore and learn from the people around you, PCA&D clubs and organizations are a must for students of all genders, backgrounds, interests, and passions.

PCA&D Clubs

Current Clubs

American Institue of Graphic Art (AIGA)

PCA&D hosts a student chapter of the AIGA and encourages students to commit to their professional interests.

Mi Gente

A student group that centers the experiences and voices of Latinx and Hispanic students at PCA&D.

Black Led Art Coalition (BLAC)

A student led club that focuses on creating a welcoming environment – artistic and otherwise for Black PCA&D students.

Midnight Crash

PCA&D’s original rock band!

Card Game Club

A casual club where you can play a variety of card games, ranging from Magic: The Gathering to Pokemon!

Mural Group

A group of students whose focus is to create and learn about the processes of mural painting while decorating the campus.

Creature Creations

A PCA&D online monster and character collection that will be on an interactive website and zines.


A nonprofit volunteer organization providing year-round programs for the computer graphics community.


A club that uses their strategy, quick-wits, and cooperation in two games: League of Legends and Overwatch.

Fine Arts Cohort

A group of fine art majors who do activities based in fine art materials and participate in group critiques.


A photographic organization designed to create bonds among all photo majors. Together, members strive to improve their craft.

Yes & Theater Club

An improv and theater club that focuses on different techniques used in theater.

Illustration Guild

Student illustrators have the opportunity to support each other as they develop their skills and knowledge in the ever-changing industry.

Spirit Wear

A group of students who collaborate and help design future spirit wear and swap ideas for fun new PCA&D swag.

Student Council

Student leaders who work with PCA&D for events, parties, and other activities.

Table Top Gaming

Relax and have fun playing strategy games and doing creative workshops with your gaming friends.

PCA&D Alliance

A welcoming space to celebrate, converse, and support the LGBTQ+ community.

Want to Start a Club?

Starting a new club is super easy and encouraged! Just find a handful of peers who share your interest or wish to join your club. Complete the registration form and the Director of Student Life will review your request. Once approved, the Office of Student Life will work with the club organizers to coordinate meeting times and places.