internship program


Employers participating in internship programs have access to short-term workers and also have the opportunity, through this working relationship, to shape the professionalization of students in ways that support industry needs. Furthermore, serving as internship sites offers employers access to emergent knowledge, training, innovation, and design practices developed in a collegiate setting.

Interns are not free labor but instead are emergent professionals who already have foundational knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Potential internship site employers are encouraged to view college students as short-term employees and provide compensation accordingly, when possible.

request approval

For an internship opportunity to be approved for student participation by the College, employers enter into an agreement with the College whereby the learning opportunities must be clearly defined, supervision is organized and planned in advance, and the skills and knowledge obtained by students are articulated. 

Please fill out this form to initiate the process of becoming a College-approved internship site. Once complete, PCA&D’s Internship Coordinator will contact you to complete the process. Please allow for two weeks for the completion of this process, from start to finish, before student applications will commence.


Reach out to careerservices@pacd.edu to request more information.

When the internship is completed...

Employers/mentors must fill out the appropriate form when the internship is done