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CS EVENT : November 20, 2021

Business Bootcamp enthusiastically received by students and alumni

Participants spent the day finessing and presenting their ideas for entrepreneurial businesses during the BootCamp. It was a great chance to develop elevator pitches and business resumés, as well as location, marketing, and financial plans. We’re thrilled that so many took the opportunity to test out their ideas.

Our thanks to instructor Holly Mosher, who led the day, as well as our school of “sharks,” (like on Shark Tank), who also worked with participants to strengthen and refine business plans. They included Sandra Strunk, co-founder of Meraki Enterprises consulting firm; Diana Diehl, a professionally certified leadership coach; Melisa Baez, Chief Program Officer at ASSETS, where she focuses on building equitable entrepreneurial resources; Kirk Barrett, a longtime entrepreneur; Madison DeWispelaere, Creative Director at Attollo Prep; Patrick Quinlan, a PCA&D instructor and faculty member at Adrian College in Michigan; and Mara Moldovan, who has worked in businesses from automotive to fashion and military contractors. 

Career Services is here to help you find internship and job opportunities, tighten your resume, practice your elevator pitch, and improve your financial literacy through workshops or one-on-one meetings.

Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman

Faculty/Career Mentor

PCAD Maria Provencher

Maria Provencher

Assistant Dean of Career Development & Internships

Holly Mosher

Holly Mosher

Director for Distance Education Chair of Business, Fashion Merchandising, and Esports

Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs



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