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Tuition & Costs

PCA&D is one of the most cost-effective private art colleges in the nation. Our students are eligible for a full range of federal, state, and institutional assistance.

2024-25 Tuition

$30,250 per year ( 12 – 18 credits a semester, 2 semesters )

Full-time students may take additional coursework through our continuing education program as part of their 18 credits per semester after consulting with the dean. Part-time students are billed at $1,260.00 per credit for the courses they plan to take. Courses and their credit hours are listed in the course description section of our Academic Catalog.

Financial Aid

$200 Deposit to Secure Your Spot

All BFA applicants are required to pay a $200 tuition deposit after being accepted to secure their spot at PCA&D. This deposit will be credited to the first semester’s tuition and is non-refundable after June 15th for students entering the fall semester.

Additional Fees

Comprehensive Fee

Comprehensive fees provide for educational, cultural, and school-sponsored activities, as well as technology and lab costs.

  • Full-time students (12 or more credits): $1,900 per year
  • Part-time students (7 to 11 credits): $900 per semester
  • Part-time students (1 to 6 credits): $600 per semester
  • Part-time students (1 to 6 credits) also pay a $30 lab fee per semester per course for any class involving photography, electronic design, printmaking, three-dimensional design and/or live models.

Health & Wellness Fee

$160 per semester. Every PCA&D student will be enrolled in a healthcare program that enables them access to services including primary care, preventive care, specialist referrals, immunizations, medication support, and other necessary medical services.

Student Housing Application Fee

$100 one-time fee. Payable with application for those planning to live in one of PCA&D’s student housing options. This fee is non-refundable. 

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design reserves the right to adjust these costs at the end of each academic year with two months’ notice to students.

Dan Cardona PCAD

Daniel Cardona ’21, Animation & Game Art

Other costs & payment plans

Art supplies and textbooks

$1,650 per year (estimated)
All supply/book costs are approximate and will be paid by students. PCA&D offers a discounted Foundation Supply Kit for incoming students that includes all necessary art supplies for their fall classes. Kits are provided by Curio. Gallery & Creative Supply. Student discounts are also available at local art suppliers with a current Pennsylvania College of Art & Design student ID card.


$2,600 (estimated)
All PCA&D students are required to have a laptop that meets our specifications. If they don’t already have one, they will need to purchase one by their first day of classes.

Digital Camera (optional)

$450 (estimated)
Incoming students are required to have access to a digital camera for their coursework. If they don’t want to purchase one, cameras are available for check-out from our Learning Commons.

Estimated Living Expenses

$7,600 – $11,200 per year (estimated)
This estimate is based on one year’s cost of living in a PCA&D-Sponsored Housing option. Living expenses vary according to each student. Keep in mind the additional expenses of food, utilities, phone, and miscellaneous living costs.

STudent Housing

Estimated Commuter expenses

$3,500 per year (estimated)
This estimate is based on a student traveling 25 miles a day, paying $255 per semester for parking, and miscellaneous expenses (groceries/food, gas, etc.). Costs vary depending on each student’s travel and parking needs. The College facilitates carpool lists to encourage commuting students to share transportation costs.

$510 per year
Student parking is available at the Water Street Parking Garage directly behind PCA&D. The college will bill for parking, along with tuition, for students who wish to participate in this program. The parking cost is $255 per semester.

For more information on our student parking plans, email our bursar at burser@pcad.edu.

PCA&D offers 3- and 5-month payment plan options that can cover any semester balances remaining after deducting financial aid awards. This service is for full-time students to assist them and their families with educational expenses. Payment plan information is included with regular tuition billing and is managed by the bursar.

Payment Plans

The SFRA is a mandatory agreement that informs you of the financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes at PCA&D and explains the potential consequences that may be incurred if you fail to meet those obligations. It must be signed by the student each semester before enrolling for classes.

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Do You Have Questions?

If you’d like more information, email us at admissions@pcad.edu and one of our counselors will contact you. If you’d like a personalized estimate, reach out to our Director of Financial Aid at finaid@pcad.edu.

Make your creative life, a way of life

Make your creative life,
a way of life

Submit An Application

Even if you’re still deciding on a school, start an application or submit your portfolio, it’s free. Let us get to know you without any commitment.  

Make your creative life, a way of life

Make your creative life,
a way of life

Submit An Application

Even if you’re still deciding on a school, start an application or submit your portfolio, it’s free. Let us get to know you without any commitment.