Entrepreneur: Design & Digital Marketing

  • START DATES: February, July or September annually.
  • LENGTH OF CERTIFICATE: as little as 18 months (average 36 months)
  • COURSES TO COMPLETE: 9 classes total
  • TUITION: $475/class

In the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s creative entrepreneur certificate program, you will learn the principles of design, major design software, HTML & CSS coding for contemporary web design, the business practices necessary to run an effective business as well as the theory and methodology behind design thinking. In Design Principles/Typography, you will develop the problem-solving skills critical to functioning in the design industry. In Business Practices for Creatives you will better understand the best methods for creating, managing, and maintaining a design company. In Design Thinking Methodology, you will learn the critical thinking necessary to solve problems and provide your clients with innovative solutions.

Beyond the three required courses, certificate students must complete two additional credits in each of three other subject areas: print design, web design and social media marketing.


Entrepreneur: Design & Digital Marketing Certificate Outcomes:

  • Understand principles of design, typography and composition
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite software such as Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign
  • Learn fundamentals of website structure through hyper text markup language (HTML) coding
  • Understand how to style and format text and page components through cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Learn best practices for running or founding a business in the creative industry
  • Develop a business plan, negotiate contracts, navigate taxes and legal issues
  • Understand theory of mobile-friendly and user-friendly design or immersion in WordPress, content management software
  • Optimize your use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, your company’s website, and emerging social media platforms
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of social media efforts with analytics and metrics

Course of study


  • DES 200, Business Practices for Creativesstarts January 2018
  • DES 205, Design Thinking Methodology – tentatively scheduled summer 2018
  • DES 150, Design Principles & Typographystarts January 2018



  • DES 155, HTML & Website Design (required)starts January 2018
  • DES 165, UX/UI & Responsive Website Design – tentatively scheduled summer 2018
  • DES 162, WordPress for Website Design – tentatively scheduled summer 2018


  • SM 101, Intro to Social Media Marketing (required)starts January 2018
  • SM 102, Insights, Analytics & Strategies – tentatively scheduled summer 2018
  • SM 105, Content Creation & Digital Storytellingstarts January 2018

All courses are 1 credit unless otherwise noted. A total of nine credits are required for completion of the Design Professional Certificate Program.


To receive a Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Entrepreneur Certificate, students must: