Housing & Commuting at PCA&D

Pennsylvania College of Art and Design offers 3 categories for their student housing experiences: PCA&D Student Housing, Housing Referral Sheet, and Commuter Connections. These options are catered to fit each student’s needs the best we can. Whether you yearn for independent living, prefer to travel to campus from home, or wish to join a community of like-minded artists and designers, we can find your fit.

PCA&D Student Housing

A housing experience managed and supported by PCA&D staff

PCA&D Student Housing ranges from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom apartment-style spaces shared between 2-4 students. Our students experience the luxury of having common areas, full kitchens, and bathrooms only shared with their roommates. Each PCA&D Housing Experience includes an on-site Community Assistant. Community Assistants help run activities and support students while they stay in our housing. Students can also rely on an easy-to-use Maintenance Ticket System & an Emergency Helpline to assist students in critical situations. Best of all, enjoy the convenience of housing costs and fees billed along with your PCA&D tuition!

Housing Referral Sheet

Finding your home in Lancaster City: Rent an apartment with or without a roommate

The Housing Referral Sheet is a resource offered by PCA&D to help identify housing options in the Lancaster area outside of PCA&D-Sponsored Housing. Take advantage of easy-to-use links and resources that make finding a roommate and/or apartment options more accessible.

Commuter Connections

Traveling from your current location to PCA&D

Easily sign up for a carpool buddy through the PCA&D Housing team. Commuters who drive to campus are encouraged to use the Water Street Parking Garage, which is located just behind our campus. Students wishing to park in the garage will be provided that information after being accepted. As a commuter, you have access to lounge space and work areas on campus including our: Learning Commons, CoLab, Atrium, cafe, Art Garden, computer labs, Cintiq lab, studios, and more!

Safe travel to and from campus is one of our top priorities. In inclement weather conditions, PCA&D will use the RAVE text and email Alert system to announce campus closures, advisories, or safety concerns.

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