Support and Counseling

PCA&D provides multiple options to support student mental health and wellness.

VCG : Teletherapy service

The Virtual Care Group (VCG) is a 24/7/365 teletherapy service available to all currently enrolled PCA&D students. VCG connects students to a diverse, nationwide network of licensed mental health providers available online anytime, anywhere. VCG providers offer a wide variety of specialties and services available in 200+ languages. This service is available at no cost to students.

Services available to students through VCG include:

  • Unlimited scheduled teletherapy appointments available daytime hours, evenings, and weekends
  • 24/7/365 on-demand counseling and crisis intervention services
  • Unlimited scheduled sessions with licensed professional coaches (including financial planners, nutritionists, and Certified Life Coaches)
  • Full calendar year mental health support (available during academic breaks)

Accessing VCG is easy! Visit thevirtualcaregroup.com/pcad to find information on how to register. When creating an account, please use your PCA&D email address, the last name associated with your PCA&D account, and zip code 17603 (the zip code for PCA&D).

Mobile and Desktop App Instructions 

VCG services are available at no cost to enrolled PCA&D students, whether or not you have medical insurance. Students will never receive a bill or charge to their account for accessing VCG services.

VCG visits are unlimited for all enrolled PCA&D students.

Yes, VCG is accessible anywhere in the United States. It is important to notify the provider of your location to ensure you are connected to a licensed provider in your state.

Using your Account Settings, please ensure that your location is updated PRIOR to initiating services (note: your smart phone application should do this automatically. You will need to manually change your location if accessing services from the web). 

Yes! The VCG platform is designed to be private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. PCA&D and its employees will never be notified of student visits nor provided with any student information unless required in an emergency situation.

Yes, and we encourage you to find a therapist you feel comfortable with in order to build a trusting therapeutic relationship. If at any time a student feels the need to choose another therapist, they have the option to select a different provider from the VCG network.

Contact Student Success Advisor Kaity Nordhoff in Room 211 or via email, knordhoff@pcad.edu.

Students can email care@thevirtualcaregroup.com with any questions about the VCG platform or services. 

PCA&D Students

Lyceum : mental health group

Lyceum is a weekly support group open to all PCA&D students. LThe group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for conversation and activities around mental health, coping strategies, and peer support. Students interested in learning more about Lyceum can contact deanofstudents@pcad.edu.

Mental Health Support & Care Navigation

If you are in need of mental health support beyond what is listed above or have questions about any PCA&D resources, please contact the Dean of Students in person or at deanofstudents@pcad.edu. Help is available to explore additional care options, financial assistance, accommodations, and other concerns around mental health and wellness that students may have.