Support and Counseling

PCA&D provides many support options to help students deal with issues of mental health and wellness

Just Drop-in

Mahmood Mohammad

Mahmood Mohammad (aka Moh), a pre-certified Counselor, will start offering drop-in hours on Campus beginning in October. The room has yet to be determined. 

• Mondays 1:00pm – 4:00pm
• Thursdays 8:30am – Noon
• Fridays 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Drop-ins will last between 15-30 mins and the goal will be to help you cope with an immediate need, talk about mindfulness, stressors and coping techniques.

To contact Moh, moh@connectcounselingpa.com

weekly support group

Tuesday evenings at 7pm

Lyceum, the College’s weekly student support group focused on mental health and wellness, meets every Tuesday evening at 7 pm. It is led by counselor Mahmood Mohammad. PCA&D students can find more information on the group’s meetings and events in their This Week newsletters, which are emailed each Monday. 

Mental Health Support

If you are in need of mental health support, contact Maria Provencher, Dean of Students, in person or at mprovencher@pcad.edu, to discuss connecting with resources and additional support.

Ustudio programs

PCA&D’s UStudio offers a series of events, talks, and other opportunities for members of the PCA&D community to develop skills relating to personal safety, substance abuse prevention, healthy living, and more. 

UStudio programs offer students tools to develop skills relating to personal safety, substance abuse prevention, and healthy living.

UStudio features programs on healthy eating, sexual assault and violence prevention, stress reduction, mental health and wellness, and other topics of special interest to a college-age population.