Pennsylvania College of Art & Design takes an active role in ensuring the safety of its students, faculty and staff. Students at PCA&D are taught to take basic cautionary steps and use common sense, just as they would in any other urban environment. The College’s entrance is secured at all times and all external visitors to the College are required to check-in with the guard. In addition, PCA&D has day and evening security to monitor our facilities while students are in the classroom and using studio space. The College is an active member of downtown safety organizations, which employ additional police coverage in our area in the evening hours. In addition, the City’s police headquarters is located across the street from the College.

Emergency assistance:  If you have an emergency, dial 911

Safety and security guidelines can be found in:

2016 PCA&D Annual Security Report

2015 PCA&D’s Annual Security Report

PCA&D’s current catalog and student handbook.

IU_Studio_logo-1n addition, PCA&D’s UStudio offers a series of events, talks, and other opportunities for members of the PCA&D community to develop skills relating to personal safety, substance abuse prevention, healthy living and more. See below for a list of UStudio events.



PCA&D Ride Home Program

This service is for students who are working after class hours and would feel more comfortable taking a cab home instead of walking.

  • This service is free to all PCA&D BFA students.
  • Service will be available Monday through Friday from 6:45 p.m. until building closes; and Saturday from 5 p.m. until building closes.
  • The ride home service is available only within Lancaster City limits, and only to your home or apartment.  Exceptions need approval from the Dean of Students
  • Should you need a ride home, you must notify the guard at least one hour prior to your planned departure. Show the guard your ID and write your name and address on the ride home report. Security personnel
    will call a cab for you.
  • Please be ready to leave when the cab arrives at the requested time.
  • When the cab arrives, you must show your ID to the cab driver. Security personnel will sign the charge slip for the driver.

Emergency assistance: If you have an emergency, dial 911

Non-emergency assistance or information
Lancaster City Police – (717) 664-1180
Ambulance and Fire – (717) 664-1190

Resource Poster

Mental Health Services
College Advisor – (717) 396-7833, ext. 1012
Contact Lancaster Helpline – (717) 299-4855
Crisis Intervention – (717) 394-2631

Health Services
Planned Parenthood – (717) 299-2891
Lancaster General Hospital – (717) 290-5511
Family First Medical Associates – (717) 299-4644
Urgent Care Lancaster – (717) 581-0538

Lancaster City Crime Statistics

Read the Lancaster City crime statistics report.

UStudio is a series of events, talks, and other opportunities for members of the PCA&D community to develop skills relating to personal safety, substance abuse prevention, healthy living and more.

UStudio Events for Fall Semester 2016 are:

  1. What is Your Type? Myers Briggs and Personality Types Wednesday, October 12th at 1 PM, Chestnut Street Space (enter the PCA&D building at the corner of Chestnut and Water Streets).
    1. Your personality is complex and unique. Carl Jung described the personality types as stereotypes. They act as “points for orientation” to help you understand your unique personality. Understanding your preferences, their stereotypes, and the ‘stretch’ between preference and actual behavior, can be useful in many ways – from choosing the optimum way of working to stress management. Find out your “type” and how it applies to your daily life. This interactive presentation will be presented by Jessica Edonick, Dean of Student Services. Please bring your laptop or other electronic device in order to take an online quiz to determine your Myers Briggs type. Lunch will be provided.
  1. Lyceum: Group Support for Mental Health: Begins Tuesday, October 18th at 7 PM, Room 103B. Discussions will continue weekly on Tuesdays through December 6th.
    1. Lyceum: a garden for growing; where Aristotle taught philosophy. Join PCA&D Counselors, Pam Haddad and Mike Hoober, for weekly discussions on feelings, situations and challenges you are currently working through in order to find a place of mental well-being and growth. Lyceum is open to all PCA&D students. Walk-ins are welcome, but registration to attend is preferred. To sign-up to attend, please go to: Light refreshments will be provided.


  1. UnitedSTATE: Yoga and Meditation: Tuesday, October 25th at 7 PM Register at: 
    1. We’re declaring our interdependence! Join UStudio for an evening celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of community. UnitedSTATE is a celebration of people, a shared experience that can challenge us to think, communicate and create in new and different ways, bringing our community together through art, music, yoga and connection.

      From 7:30pm-8:30pm Lancaster’s own, Briala of Briala Bodyworks will lead a yoga flow, accompanied by the music of York’s own musician/composer, Peter Bottros. Yoga enthusiasts from the Lancaster community are invited and participants are encouraged to visit PCA&D’s art gallery to view the works of Christian Robinson and Jamea Richmond-Edwards.

      This event is cosponsored by lululemon and is part of the company’s UnitedSTATE initiative. The event is supported by PCA&D’s Gallery, UStudio and the Yoga and Meditation student organization. Grab your mat, a friend and let’s celebrate our collective (a limited number of mats will be available to borrow)!



  1. Dynamics and Democracy: A Panel and Discussion on Today’s Political Climate: Tuesday, November 1st at 7 PM, Atrium
    1. It is election time and we are surrounded by virtual and print communications which can have us looking in all directions. When it comes down to it, what are the major issues being discussed and how will these elections impact our daily lives? Panelists (4 Panelists) will discuss what they see as the major issues facing society and how the political system is impacting their daily lives.


Tackling Today’s Political Topics: What Does This All Mean?:

  1. What Would You Do If? Bystander Skills and Intervention: Wednesday, November 9th at 1 PM, Room 213
    1. Our friends and family are our world, and sometimes in order to cope with the world around them or to survive something which has happened to them, they turn to substances or behaviors that make them feel numb, that allow them to forget for a while what is hurting them. Also, we may see our friends and family entering into potentially dangerous situations, which could negatively impact their lives moving forward. So, what do you do? This workshop hosted by Patience Buckwalter (MSW) and Kaity Nordorff (BA) from the Lancaster YWCA. Lunch will be provided.


  1. Eating Healthy for the Holidays!? Making the Impossible Possible: Monday, November 16th at 7 PM


  1. Pet Palooza: Tuesday, December 6th and Thursday, December 8th from 12:30 – 2:30 PM, Atrium/Boardroom
    Attention animal lovers! Take a break from your final projects and snuggle up with dogs, cats and other cuddly animals during Pet Palooza. All animals and their owners present during this event are part of the Caring Hearts Pet Therapy group:



  1. Late Night Breakfast: Wednesday, December 7th at 7 PM, Atrium




In 2015-16, UStudio presented the following seminars:

  • Healthy Forms of Expression
  •  The Art of Healthy Relationships
  •  The Deep Darks Thoughts That No One Talks About
  •  Healthy Eating Cooking Demonstration
  •  What Would You Do If? Bystander Skills and Intervention
  •  A Recovery Story
  •  Meditation and Mindfulness