Jesse Clark

Adjunct Professor

Liberal Arts

Jesse Clark is an artist and instructor. He is a composer of musical genres spanning staged works to Oscar-qualifying soundtracks, an impresario of ballets and operas, an audio engineer, whose work is on a Grammy award-winning album, and an instructor who designed, established, and taught two-thirds of Albright College’s music program and nurtured it in four years to be the third-largest academic program the college now offers.

Also in the last few years, he fulfilled the role of Director of the community arts non-profit he founded, Station One Center for the Arts, located in the first fire station in Lancaster, taking over the location from the previous occupants, the Lancaster Opera Workshop. The non-profit is devoted to cultivating between local artists and the community meaningful relationships that encourage creative expressions of our vibrant local culture.

Jesse Clark anticipates completing his Doctorate in Music Studies from Temple University in the Fall of 2021.

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