Contemporary Barcodes

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Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Contemporary-Barcodes: A show dedicated to self representation

Contemporary Barcodes: A show dedicated to self representation, will open First Friday, April 1,  from 6-8 p.m. in the Photography Department Hallway Gallery at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, 204 N Prince Street, Lancaster.

The show consists of self-portraits by students from all of the majors, as well as foundation students, and is curated by Trayton Pinson, senior photography major.

First Friday visitors are also encouraged to view the exhibition in PCA&D’s Main Gallery, The Mountain and the Bumblebee, and walk to two blocks at see “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” where 12 students from PCA&D will be visually interpreting the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale (Community Room of King, 106 W King Street, 5 – 8 p.m.).

The Contemporary Barcodes exhibition will continue until the end of the semester. Students exhibiting in the show are:

Trayton Pinson, exhibit curator, photography, senior

Edward Berkowski, fine art, junior

Brandon Boggs, illustration, sophomore

Alexandria Bonner, fine art, senior

Mikayla Brown, photography, senior

Justin Carney, photography, sophomore

Jose Collantes, photography, foundation

Alex Crawford, illustration, senior

Karla Daher-Urgiles, illustration, foundation

Olivia DiFilippo, fine art, junior

Cortney Ellis, photography, senior

Revekah Espina, photography, senior

Jezabeth Gonzalez, photography, junior

Thabani Ndlovu, fine art, junior

Juyla Nichols, photography, sophomore

Sarah Piertrowski, photography, senior

Larissa Ramsey, photography, foundation

Rachel Rodgers, photography, senior

Karin Wengrenroth, fine art, junior

Shyanne Wilson, fine art, foundation