PCA&D schedules workshop on how to build art college admission portfolios

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Monday, March 2nd, 2015

A portfolio of work is required for a successful art college application, and high school students are often not sure how to put it together.

On Saturday, March 21, 2 – 5 p.m., PCA&D’s Portfolio Preparation Workshop will review this necessary step in the application process for anyone considering a college education in the visual arts.

Participants learn how to assemble a portfolio for admission to an art college, from how to select pieces to how to visually and verbally present artwork.  A variety of portfolio styles will be shown and discussed.

Register online: http://pcad.edu/academics/continuing-education/register-for-a-course/. The fee for the Portfolio Preparation Workshop is $55. Questions about registration for the workshop can be directed to the Continuing Education Department at ce@pcad.edu or (717)396-7833, ext. 1022. (Registration for the workshop is separate from the open house event also taking place on March 21.)

According to Natalie Lascek-Speakman, director of admissions marketing and recruitment, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design requires 10-15 pieces of artwork that demonstrate variety and skill. “A student’s portfolio of creative work helps us evaluate his or her technical skills and competency, and also assess the applicant’s ability to observe, analyze, explore and persist, skills necessary to success as a student and an artist.”

Lascek-Speakman also offers these tips for Art College Portfolios:

  1. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Make each piece count.
  2. Include pieces that indicate your understanding of color.
  3. Strike a balance between strong work in the medium you are most comfortable with and showing that you’re ready to have your horizons expanded, take on new challenges and learn.
  4. Don’t show old, outdated work. Show current work that demonstrates the skills you’ve developed.
  5. Your sketchbook is an excellent addition to your portfolio because it gives an honest and in depth look at your progressive talent.

The Portfolio Workshop is scheduled on conjunction with PCA&D’s free March 21 Open House, 11 am – 2:30 pm., an opportunity for prospective students of all ages to learn how a PCA&D education in the arts hones their creativity, challenges their intellect, and provides real-world experiences that equip them for a successful life and career in the arts. “Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s innovative programs, coupled with professional internships for all our majors, provide the best preparation for a life in art and design,” said Lascek-Speakman. More information about the open house can be found at: http://pcad.edu/event/pennsylvania-college-of-art-design-open-house-4/. To register for the open house, visit http://pcad.edu/openhouse.