Careers & Preparation

Our graduates are successful creators, designers, thinkers, and makers. They have built their careers in art upon their professional experiences and industry contacts from their time as students.

Required Internships
internThe internship experience at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is a vital link between your college study of the visual arts and the many ways that your education can be applied in the real world. Based on this philosophy, PCA&D requires all students to successfully complete a professional-level internship prior to graduation.

Potential employers may request to be an internship site by filling out this form.

Senior Studios
sstuAll PCA&D senior students are assigned individual studio spaces to help them develop and create their thesis projects. These spaces allow students to work alongside, collaborate, and be inspired by their fellow studio mates, as well as work individually with their instructors. Storing essential materials at their own space, students don’t need to transport materials back and forth from their apartments or homes.

Network To Success: Online Career Center
ntsAll current degree students and alumni are eligible to use PCA&D’s Network to Success, the online career and job center. This service allows you to search for jobs targeted to PCA&D students, search through more than 95,000 jobs in the expanded network, review your search history, upload your portfolio and resume, and much more.

Senior Show & Celebration
sscSenior students in all majors work with faculty to prepare an extensive installation that provides deep insight into the process of art exhibition and presentation. The annual Senior Show & Celebration uses all of the main gallery and much of the classroom space within the college to display the work of graduating seniors. The opening reception is a major college event for PCA&D and the community and it provides opportunities for students to network. 

The Society For Photographic Education
Student members can post their work on the SPE website, have access to mailing lists of potential clients and working professionals, and attend the annual conference, where they can network directly with clients and photographers.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Student Chapter
PCA&D hosts a student chapter of the AIGA. The goal of the student group is to get students involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world.

Society of Illustrators Student Chapter
The goal of this group is for students to create a community of their own to support, encourage and develop their knowledge, skill, and exposure to the ever-changing field of illustration, while connecting with other student groups and professionals. Special events, exhibitions, projects, competitions, field trips, and guest speakers are all benefits of student membership.

designathonThe 24-hour Designathon is a student AIGA group event that provides professional-quality design services at no charge to area non-profits and to the community-at-large. Students at PCA&D who participate in the Designathon gain real-world experience in creating projects for clients under a tight, 24-hour deadline. They learn that non-profits have very real marketing needs in order to be successful, and strong graphic design on well-organized collateral pieces are vital components in successful communications and marketing plans. More importantly, students experience the value of giving back to the community.

24-Hour Comics Day
24hour24-Hour Comics Day is a 1-day event focused on illustration and celebrating the worldwide 24-Hour Comics Day phenomenon. Students and faculty from the PCA&D community will be participating as they strive to complete a print and/or web comic in 24 hours. 24-Hour Comics Day is an event held around the world, which challenges writers and artists to create a full 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours. Thousands of artists take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge every year! The goal is that everything: story, design and layout, finished art, lettering, color (if applicable), paste-up, proofreading, everything is done in 24 hours. Once pen hits paper, the clock starts ticking. 24 hours later, the pen lifts off the paper, never to descend again. Participants can work on their own or collaboratively. They can also participate in non-comic events and themed workshops focusing on figure drawing, character development, marketing and self-promotion, etc.

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