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Pennsylvania College of Art & Design admissions seeks students who think visually and creatively.

If you are dedicated to developing the professional skills and knowledge for a future in the visual arts, we want to meet you.

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Creativity Matters.

As a visual artist and designer, what you do matters. Your work helps clarify and illuminate complicated concepts, adding both breadth and depth. And what you do is in high demand. In fact, according to the Department of Commerce, creative industries have been growing twice as fast as the national economy. PCA&D admissions can help you meet that demand.


Admissions Starts Here

PCA&D operates on a rolling admissions calendar, which means applications will be reviewed throughout the calendar year on an individual basis. The priority application deadline is March 1st for fall semester applicants, and December 1 for spring semester applicants.


As a PCA&D student, you do more than make art. You communicate bold ideas with authenticity. Balancing your studio work with a solid liberal arts core, you discover new perspectives and solve real-life challenges. You learn to write clearly, critique constructively, and debate with civility. You graduate well-prepared to become a leader in your artistic career.

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