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Submitting Your Portfolio

While your portfolio provides a basis for evaluation of technical skills and competency, it also demonstrates your ability to observe, analyze, explore and persist – skills that are essential for success as a student and as an artist. PCA&D requires all students interested in our BFA degree program to submit a portfolio online as part of the application process.

Your portfolio should consist of 8-10 recent, original artworks that demonstrate your abilities in a range of artistic media. Be sure to include at least 2 drawings from direct observation. PCA&D is looking for equal amounts of DEPTH and BREADTH in your portfolio.

DEPTH | Investigation of a subject matter, focus on a favorite media or sustained interest in a topic or style.

BREADTH | Displaying a range of skills by experimenting with and varying size, media, and subject matter.

Presentation Matters:

  • SelectSelect works that you feel are most representative of your ideas, skills, and abilities. Showcase problem-solving, decision making, originality of ideas.
  • Gather & Organize – Develop an order to your presentation that makes sense and has a logical flow. Consider lighting and clarity when photographing your artwork and keep time-based selections to 3 minutes or less. Consider perspectives other than your own by consulting a teacher or mentor.
  • Communicate – Be able to share your creative process with others. To schedule a personal interview and portfolio review, contact us at admissions@pcad.edu or call 800.689.0379, ext. 1001. You can also receive a review at PCA&D Admissions Events, High School or College Visits, and National Portfolio Days.
  • Submit – Click the button below to upload your portfolio online as part of the PCA&D application process.



NEVER send original artwork via mail or other delivery service.

Examples of Media to Include:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • 2-D Design
  • Digital Design
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Sketchbook
  • Mural
  • Public Art
  • Fiber Arts
  • Mixed-Media
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Time-based Media
  • Digitally Rendered 3-D Animation
  • Film/Video
  • Performance Art
  • Built Objects
  • Ceramics
  • Metal and Jewelry
  • Glass
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations
  • Storyboarding