While your portfolio provides a basis for evaluation of technical skills and competency, it also demonstrates your ability to observe, analyze, explore and persist – skills that are essential for success as a student and as an artist. PCA&D requires all students interested in our BFA degree program to submit a portfolio as part of the application process.

Your portfolio should consist of 10-15 recent, original artworks that showcase your interests and abilities over a range of media and subject matter. You should include at least three drawings from direct observation.

Examples of Media:

  • Drawing – Portraits, Still Life, Landscape, Figure Studies
  • Two-Dimensional Design – Paintings, Photography, Printmaking, Illustrations, Graphic Design, Design Studies that explore elements of line, color, value, shape, texture
  • Three-Dimensional Design – Sculpture, Ceramics, Metals & Jewelry, Woodworking, Tools, Installation
  • Digital & Time-Based Work – Animations, Video, Games, Websites, Storyboards
  • Sketchbooks – Concepts, Character Designs, Journals, Sketches, Experimentation with Techniques


  • Select – Include only your strongest, most recent work. Showcase problem-solving, decision making, originality of ideas.
  • Organize – Develop an order to your presentation that makes sense and has a logical flow.
  • Communicate – Be able to share your creative process with others.
  • Submit – You can submit your portfolio in-person or online. To arrange an appointment to schedule an in-person portfolio review, contact us at admissions@pcad.edu or call (800) 689-0379, ext. 1001. To submit your portfolio online visit pcad.slideroom.com. NEVER send original work via mail or other delivery service.