PCA&D welcomes applicants who have attended accredited colleges, universities, or post-secondary institutions and completed collegiate coursework relevant to PCA&D’s degree programs and course content. The standard admissions requirements apply to all transfer applicants.

Important Guidelines for Transfer Students

  • Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts to PCA&D from all previously attended post-secondary schools as well as course descriptions of all courses taken. Please submit a list of in-progress courses if they do not appear on the transcript.
  • Course descriptions may be copied from a college catalog or website.
  • Credit is awarded based on an evaluation of the student’s portfolio, course descriptions, and college transcripts, provided the student earned a grade of “C” or better in a 100 level or higher courses.
  • Transfer credits should be from post-secondary institutions with one or more of the following types of accreditation: regional, state, or professional.
  • Applicants may transfer up to a maximum of 60 eligible credits toward completion of the BFA degree at PCA&D.
  • Students enroll in six studio art courses, two art history courses, and two liberal arts courses throughout the first-year Foundation program at PCA&D. Transfer students must have completed comparable coursework to be considered for advanced placement within a major.

Transfer Agreements: 2+2

To better encourage and facilitate transfer admission from other colleges to Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, PCA&D and these colleges have established 2+2 articulation agreements with one another.

  • Students must complete the designated degree and graduate with a 2.5 cumulative GPA over all/3.0 cumulative GPA in studio course work.
  • Students utilizing the agreement benefit from an application fee and portfolio review waiver.
  • Students are limited to fall semester enrollment at PCA&D.
  • Students must enroll within one year of graduation from the partner college and without attending another bachelor degree program.
  • Partner scholarships are available.

Additional details and information can be found on the partner college websites or by contacting your PCA&D admissions counselor.

Bucks County Community College

Delaware County Community College

  • A.F.A. degree in Graphic Design – B.F.A. degree in Graphic Design
  • A.F.A. degree in Photography – B.F.A. degree in Photography

Harrisburg Area Community College

  • A.A. degree in Art – B.F.A. degree in Fine Art
  • A.A.S. degree in Graphic & Interactive Design – B.F.A. degree in Graphic Design
  • A.F.A. degree in Photography – B.F.A. degree in Photography

Montgomery College