Advising & Registration Resources

Academic Advising Handbook 
The purpose of the Academic Advising Handbook is to provide undergraduate students with a one-stop reference guide for advising and registration that compiles information from several sources, including the Academic Catalog and the College website. 

Academic Plan of Study (APS)
The Academic Plan of Study (APS) is a digital tool that allows students to track their academic progress toward degree completion The APS includes all major and degree requirements along with optional minors. The tool is administered by the Registrar’s office, and it includes space for advising session questions and notes as well as other information related to academic progress and registration.

Guide to Updating Academic Plan of Study (APS)

Independent Studies
Independent study courses are individualized courses and are based on existing courses in the Academic Catalog. For example, a student who cannot enroll in the regularly scheduled AGA 201 course may, with the approval of the Department Chairperson, enroll in a special section of that course as INDS 399: AGA 201. The faculty member and student co-develop an alternative meeting schedule in order to complete course content

Independent study courses are only an option when a student’s timeline for degree or credential completion requires a course be offered on an individualized basis in order to meet program requirements in a timely manner and a student has a documented reason that requires them to enroll in an alternative version of a regularly scheduled course. 

Academic Catalog

The Catalog provides in-depth information about policies and procedures for gaining admission and navigating financial aid, the cost of attending PCA&D, academic policies and processes, and the structures of and requirements for PCA&D’s educational programs. It also includes an overview of the College’s history, mission, vision, accreditation status, and affiliation, as well as a complete list of employees and board members. The Catalog is updated annually and is publicly available on the PCA&D website.

Syllabus Template (pdf)