PCA&D Alumni

Alexandria Bonner

Class of 2016


• Exhibiting Fine Artist; recent exhibition at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center

• Curator

• Collaborating on a project series with fellow PCA&D Alumnus Erich Bell

• Studio Assistant for Nick Gould Photography and Molly S. Photography

• PCA&D Main Gallery Assistant and PCA&D Youth Studio Teacher Assistant

• Collaborating on classroom transformations centered around a theme at Pequea Valley Elementary School with fellow Alumnus Kevin Mancuso



PCA&D revealed to me the importance of dedication, organization, and time management. Fewer students meant more meaningful conversations with professors. Each professor asked unique questions that strengthened my critique language, process, intentions, and observational skills. During the program, an emphasis on observational drawing and painting tremendously improved my technique. With long studio classes, I learned the patience required for deeper understanding. These skills are useful in many facets of life; making them invaluable. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was the difference between art as hobby, and art as lifestyle and career.