PCA&D Alumni

Amy Boone-McCreesh

Class of 2007

  • Facebook Artist in Residence, Washington, DC
  • Founder, INERTIA
  • Artist-in-Residence. Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Amherst, VA
  • Hamiltonian Fellowship – Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington DC
  • Master of Fine Arts from Towson University
  • Exhibiting artist, curator, instructor, and guest lecturer

“PCA&D provided me with vast opportunities to work in a studio setting and truly understand what studio practice means for visual artists. For example, I had Modern and Contemporary Art class, not lecture, but more theory that was very dense and required a lot of reading and writing. It was great because it opened my eyes to what art is, or what it can be, beyond basic art history knowledge. It allowed for a lot of open discussion and contemporary thinking which was really nice. Without it I would have been very behind with art theory and general ideas about the ebb and flow of art itself in a contemporary context.”