PCA&D Alumni

Andrew Zubko

Class of 2004


• Read a recent article about Andrew in the Lancaster Newspaper.
• Works for Laika Entertainment on feature length stop-motion animated movies, such as ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls (to be released September 2014)
• Has had two illustrations go viral, “Betty White With a Flaming Chainsaw, Riding a John Ritter Centaur” completed for The Portland Mercury and “Batman vs. Shark with Lightsaber”
• Clients include: The Wall Street Journal, North American Review, Ink & Paper Group, Red Sneaker String Ensemble, and The Portland Mercury

"While I could easily say that everything I learned at PCA&D has been equally useful, there is one thing that stands out and, incidentally does not have anything to do with what most people think of when pursuing a career in art – keeping deadlines. Throughout the years after leaving college, time management has been something that has been consistently important. It is a huge part of what I do at Laika, as well as having been an equally important component of all the freelance work I have done throughout the years.
Not only did my experience at PCA&D prepare me for a career in art, it was also one of the best times of my life. The knowledge and friendships I gained there are life-long and have greatly enriched my life. It planted the seed that is now growing into a rewarding career that keeps getting better!"