PCA&D Alumni

Danielle Sheerin

Class of 2012

•Manages a photography studio for a major corporation in Connecticut
•Most recent series titled “Disconnected” is a reflection of our generation’s social detachment. Intimacy has been masked with an artificial connection due to our electronic devices, media and social networks. People in modern society have found comfort in a virtual world, and have lost interest in the beings physically around them. These images are symbolic of the loss of a once more connected human interaction.
•Currently developing a new documentary project

I was taught discipline; how to manage deadlines; how to handle constructive criticism. Above all, PCA&D allowed me to develop as an artist. The close-knit community encourages open discussion. In "critiques", as we called them, we established a well-balanced respect for growth of our projects, which allowed our ideas to blossom into final statements and visual expression. I learned to allow other artists, as well as my instructors and fellow students to influence my artwork. The technical skills that I developed at PCA&D have allowed me to become successful in the field in which I studied.