PCA&D Alumni

Jacqueline Yvonne Tull

Class of 2015


• Works from home studio in Philadelphia

• Adjunct professor for three Intro to Art classes at Lincoln University, and Intro to Sculpture and Representational Drawing at Rowan University

• Has exhibited work in numerous galleries in the surrounding area, as well as New York, and Berlin, Germany

PCA&D taught me to follow the little voice in the back of my mind that tells me there could be more to discover in a project. I was encouraged to take risk, and to ask a lot of questions.

PCA&D's biggest asset is its dedicated faculty, and small class sizes. I attended a much larger art college prior to transferring to PCA&D, and the one-on-one attention, responsiveness to questions, problem solving, and recommendations for resources both inside and outside of the university by my faculty was crucial in fostering my growth as an artist, and inspiring me to teach. I still have relationships with my faculty from PCA&D, and wouldn't be where I am today without them.