PCA&D Alumni

Matt Allyn Chapman

Class of 2008


• Adjunct instructor, PCA&D BFA and  Continuing Education Instructor

• Storyboard Illustrator

• Freelance Curator

• Former Gallery Coordinator, Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia

• Exhibiting artist

• Private art instructor

• Master of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

• List of clients include: Suzanne H. Arnold, All About Learning Press, Lancaster County Historical Society, The Pleasure of Your Company, Correct Rx Pharmacy Inc., and Belmark Inc.

At PCA&D, I learned to build a strong visual vocabulary, look at your art with a questioning eye, and always be open the opinion of your peers. It will only make achieving your vision as an artist stronger. To be truly successful, you have to create the art you love, not what you think others will love.