PCA&D Alumni

Matty Geez

Class of 2014


• Involved with the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia as well as with individual artists and mural companies to add to the extensive mural collection in the city

• Helps to organize pop-up gallery shows and has been included in group exhibitions

• Selected in spring 2018 to create a large installation through Lancaster City Public Art to be on display at the Amtrak station

• Works with ceramicists in Philadelphia in collaboration to sell sculptures online and at various arts festivals



The most useful experience I took from PCA&D was to work within a set deadline. In college, time management was always a struggle for me unless I could visualize my timeline and meet the expected deadline. Although I no longer have professors setting deadlines for me, I set my own to structure studio time accordingly.

Another important thing that I've learned since leaving PCA&D is to always leave the door open for collaborations with other artists. Social media has been an incredible tool to connect working artists, it's important to continue to show your work in any way you can!