PCA&D Alumni

Steve Becker

Class of 2004


• Art director and contributor of New York Times Best Selling Comic series, “FUBAR”
• Full-time graphic designer
• Lead background designer for The Fictory animation production of “Atomic Robo: Last Stop”
• Worked with White Wolf for the 6th edition of Gamma World
• Inked Tim Truman’s pencils on the Grimjack: Killer Instinct miniseries for IDW
• Freelance project with Rockstar Games NYC on the Grand Theft Auto IV add on “The Ballad of Gay Tony”
• Completed multiple character designs for Freeverse and Villain games
• Story contributor for The Magic Bullet #2 out of Washington D.C.
• Inked the finish for Ben and Tim Truman’s Hawken #6 on IDW

“What I learned at PCA&D: Good contacts and connections are worth their weight in gold. The difference between persistence and fanaticism is a working business model. Opportunity rarely ever exposes itself at your convenience. Nine times out of ten, finishing a project is far more valuable than starting. Leaving your desk/computer for a few hours here and there makes you a much more interesting person and it does the same for your work.”