PCA&D Alumni

Trayton Pinson

Class of 2016

• 104 Studio Manager and Photographer at WebsturantStore in Baltimore, Maryland. Manages shooting, processing and editing of images and oversees team development and creative workflow.
• Collaborates with mentor Manuel Cafini, an Italian Photographer
• Freelance Photographer

Over the four years I attended PCA&D I learned how to express myself through my images by understanding how to properly use the tools of the craft. I experimented with different styles and concepts of photography which allowed me to find which aspects I was most interested in. By studying artists who found success photographing for both the fine art and commercial industries I discovered inspiration for my own work. The professional development classes helped me understand how to obtain jobs after school, create a website and submit work for galleries and through multiple internships, I began to understand more of the commercial side of photography you can't learn in a classroom. I was able to land a job straight out of college in the photography field that I enjoy doing.