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First-Year Students

Follow the application process below so we can help you find a path to your creative future​

We have rolling admissions, which means applications and portfolios will be reviewed throughout the calendar year on an individual basis.​ Contact the Admissions Office at 717.396.7833 ext 1001 or admissions@pcad.edu if you need assistance as you move through our process.



You may apply through either the PCA&D application or the Common App website. There is no application fee.

Submitting an application isn’t a commitment to PCA&D but it will at least help us get to know you better. If you’re not ready to apply, start by submitting your portfolio (see below). 


If NOT submitting through Common App, please upload a 250–500 word personal statement about why you love making art. Learn more in our FAQ’s below.



Submit an artistic portfolio online to help us assess your potential for artistic growth. 

Portfolios should contain 8 – 10 pieces of recent, original artwork. If your portfolio only consists of fan art or fan edits, you will be asked to submit different pieces.

In addition to online submissions, we also review portfolios throughout the year at in-person visits, high school and college fairs, and on National Portfolio Day.



Have your school guidance or registrar’s office send your official transcript(s) to PCA&D Admissions. Transcripts should be sent by mail, Parchment, SCOIR, or to admissions@pcad.edu with a written statement of authenticity.

Applicants not holding a high school diploma must submit an official GED or HiSET transcript in addition to high school transcripts. Pennsylvania and several other state GED or HiSET transcript requests are available here. PCA&D does not consider applications for students who do not have a high school diploma or equivalency.

frequently asked questions

You don’t need to send a personal statement if you’re submitting your application through Common App.

If you’re applying with the PCA&D application, upload a typed personal statement of 250 – 500 words to your account on our Application Hub. Your personal statement should tell the admissions team: why you? Answer questions like: Who are you? Why art? Why art school? Why PCA&D, specifically? In your writing, show us the bold, creative, you. Make a personal statement, literally.

Application Hub login

Your statement may also be printed and mailed or emailed as a PDF to admissions@pcad.edu

If you send your statement through Google Docs, please check the document’s sharing settings prior to sending.

PCA&D is one of over 900 four-year colleges and universities that do not use the SAT or ACT to admit applicants. We place more emphasis on who you are as a person, student, and artist. Although PCA&D will not consider ACT or SAT scores when reviewing your application, you are welcome to submit them.

PCA&D’s College Board code is 002681. Click here to send your score.

PCA&D’s ACT College code is 3569. Click here to send your score.

PCA&D does not require letters of recommendation, however, they are a fantastic addition to your application. These should not be from friends and family members, but from art teachers, academic instructors, guidance counselors, employers, volunteer supervisors, etc. Anyone submitting a letter on your behalf can send their letter by mail, Parchment, or send a PDF via email to admissions@pcad.edu.

Each student’s path to transfer is unique, which is why we evaluate transfer credit based on your portfolio, course descriptions, and all classes listed with a “C” or better in all 100+ level courses.

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We do. Learn about our requirements when applying as an international student.

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You can. However, the application process is different for students looking to register through this dual enrollment program.

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Would you like additional help?

If you have any questions, contact a counselor at 717.396.7833 ext 1001 or email admissions@pcad.edu

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