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Brand Guide

The Institutional Mark of the A & D is the preferred identity for Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. It exemplifies who we are as Artists & Designers, boldly asserting both our essential DNA as creatives and pointing to our future of innovation and imagination. Several versions of the logo are available for download and users must follow the guidelines on this website.

Logo Lockups

The logo and college name should only be used in the 4 formats shown below. It’s important that the logo always be used correctly. The logo should be prominent and legible, using proper spacing and sizing, so be sure to these considerations in mind when using it in layout.

Select your format : Find the lockup that works best for your layout, then select the format that you need to download.

Use the correct size : Once you have download the file, you will note that each logo comes in 3 sizes. Use the size most appropriate for the intended use.

Contact the Director of Strategic Communications with additional questions and permissions.