Design Professional: Print Certificate

The Design Professional: Print Certificate will teach you the skills you need to produce print design projects. You’ll learn to use state-of-the-art graphic software programs current in the industry. Our Effective Design: Color & Typography course teaches the foundation for all design work. Other classes focus on graphic software programs for logo and vector image creation (Adobe Illustrator), page layout (Adobe InDesign), and image-editing (Adobe Photoshop). This combination is essential in order to function in the field of graphic design, publishing, marketing, and advertising. By gaining command of these software programs, you will be on your way to designing successful print pieces.

  • Courses are offered at varying times year round. Select classes begin in January, May, July, and September
  • LENGTH OF CERTIFICATE: as little as 6 months (average 12 months)
  • COURSES TO COMPLETE: 4 classes total
  • TUITION: $475/class

Design Professional: Print Certificate Outcomes:

  • Understand how to effectively use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to produce print projects
  • Learn how to create dynamic, visual content
  • Develop effective design skills in color, composition, and typography
  • Learn how to package and save files for print

Course of Study

  • DES 150, Effective Design: Color & Typography
  • DES 151, Adobe Illustrator
  • DES 152, Adobe Photoshop
  • DES 154, Adobe InDesign

Some customization may be available based on student’s experience. Assuming sufficient enrollment in all courses as they are offered, it is possible to complete each of these 4 credit programs in three academic semesters. These courses are taught on Mac computers using Adobe software or other software according to the expertise of the instructor teaching the course you choose. NOTE: Basic computer skills are required and will not be covered in class.

To receive a Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Professional Certificate, students must: