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Animation Certificate

The Animation Certificate provides foundational skills and knowledge for a broad range of career opportunities in the ever-advancing animation industry. The curriculum provides a balanced introduction to industry pipelines by addressing both the creative and technical aspects. Using cutting-edge, industry-standard software and tools, students learn to conceptualize, develop, produce, and manage animation projects through a structured progression of courses with an emphasis on character-driven storytelling.

Required Classes – Online

AGA 201 Traditional Animation

Fall 2022, Aug 22 – Dec 2 | TBD (Evenings or Saturdays)

Students will study timing and weight through a series of projects designed to demonstrate the principles of animation, using traditional and digital programs, such as Photoshop. Issues such as keyframing, inbetweening, and cycling will be addressed.

AGA 203 Story & Screen I

Fall 2022, Aug 22 – Dec 2 | TBD (Evenings or Saturdays)

This course focuses on applying industry-standard storyboarding techniques to the fundamentals of Visual Storytelling, Storyboarding, and Film Language as relevant to the field of animation, film, and gaming. Topics to be covered include the various purposes, formats, terminology, and concepts used in the creation of storyboards and animatics with audio.

AGA 205 Computer Animation I

Fall 2022, Aug 22 – Dec 2 | TBD (Evenings or Saturdays)

The first semester of this course will explore contemporary 2D and 3D animation techniques and genres while keeping a strong focus on traditional techniques and aesthetics. Students will combine image, sound, and motion with importance placed on timing and performance. The focus will be on applying foundational animation techniques using industry-standard 3D software, Maya.

AGA 206 Computer Animation II

The second semester of this course will continue the exploration of the 3D software package and will introduce joint-based animation and rigging. Students are expected to build on the existing knowledge of computer graphics and rendering to create a 3D character, environment, and props. They will also build on their fundamentals of storytelling and design.


$1,157 per credit hour
All classes in this certificate are 3 credits. A total of 12 credit hours are required. Credits to be billed per course.

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