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UX/UI Design Certificate

Websites and apps are an essential part of daily life, so good design is a must. Since UX/UI designers make these technologies satisfying to use, it’s no surprise that they're in high demand.

UX is the industry abbreviation for user experience and refers to how a site works - its ease of use, utility and overall satisfaction. UI represents the visual features and layout with which a user would interact. Sometimes referred to as front-end designers, these individuals are responsible for striking a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of websites. The certificate will teach the fundamentals of user experience design that are necessary for meeting user expectations and driving engagement.

Trends Impacting Demand

“COVID pushed so many day-to-day activities into the digital realm, from shopping for groceries and seeing your doctor, to virtual school, virtual work and virtual conferences,” says Pam Barby, program director. “In a short period of time companies created many more digital solutions. But customers expect an intuitive and smooth operating online experience, so the bar is continually being raised. Companies need UX/UI designers to improve the quality of digital experiences to keep customers happy and engaged.” At PCA&D we’ve had several employers reach out in search of graduates with UX/UI skills.

According to staffing agency Aquent, “designers have become the most ‘in-demand’ [of creative professionals] as user experience becomes vital to industry survival.” Design is behind the websites and mobile applications we use, the entertainment we consume, the cars we drive, our healthcare, and even our grocery shopping experience!

Everywhere you look, technology interfaces are becoming more pervasive. AI and the internet of things are producing more devices that connect to an app or website, from watches and health trackers to home appliances and cars. All of these need to be designed and continually updated to keep pace with changing technologies and user expectations.

What You’ll Learn

Students who successfully complete the certificate will demonstrate a basic understanding of design methods and principles of interaction design, user experience, design thinking processes, and UX/UI tools. In addition, the certificate prepares students to meet employers’ expectations for branding, typography and color theory, wireframing and prototyping, use of style guides, user personas, and key industry tools.

UX/Ui Web Design Certificate

Individuals will also hone the ability to accept, interpret and apply technical and creative direction; come to value the importance of project management, including meeting deadlines and objectives; and effectively communicate and persuasively present ideas to an interdisciplinary audience.

  • Earn 9 credits that can be applied to a Bachelor’s degree at PCA&D or beyond
  • Tap into college learning resources and advisors
  • Software from Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft, and Google professional tools
  • Build your network and exposure through campus events and career opportunities
  • Join the PCA&D alumni network

Career Opportunities

Certificate-holders will possess the experience needed by media and marketing companies, in-house media departments, and the vast array of technology companies that produce digital tools.

Required Classes – Online

GD 221 Introduction to Web Design

This course is an introduction to HTML and creating a website. Credits: 1.5

GD 217 UX/UI Design

Fall 2022, Aug 22 – Dec 2 | Thursdays 6:30pm – 9pm Introduces students to strategy, content development, and design thinking for the Web. Students will learn current prototyping methods and programs for site development. Credits: 1.5

GD 314 Web Design

Students will utilize UX/UI and prototyping skills to develop website(s) using current web authoring programs and tools. Credits: 3

GD 319 Advanced Web Design

Building upon UX/UI and web design fundamental techniques, students will learn to develop more sophisticated websites. Responsive design concepts will also be covered as students design their personal portfolio website. Credits: 3

Who Should Enroll

The program is designed for a wide range of individuals. College experience is not a prerequisite for this program, but candidates should have an interest in both design principles as well as technical programming skills. High school and college graduates, veterans, professionals, and entrepreneurs will be among the students who bring their diverse perspectives to the program.


$1,157 per credit hour
A total of 9 credit hours are required. Credits to be billed per course.

How to Register

Enrolling in one of PCA&D’s Certificate Programs is simple. Confirm your intent to pursue one of our certificates by filling out an application.

If you have any questions regarding mapping out a plan, upcoming class schedules, or completing your certificate, please contact Bonnie Kern, our Admissions Transfer & Outreach Coordinator, at 717.396.7833 ext 1014 or email bkern@pcad.edu.

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