Exhibition highlighting PCADs Class of 2020
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4/01/2020 - 5/30/2020

Coming to Terms

Text-based participatory exhibition featuring the senior class

Coming to Terms is the inaugural exhibition in the student gallery, curated by Nikkole Hagginbothom ’20, Fine Art.

The debut exhibition honors the Class of 2020, with reflections of the seniors on their growth during their time at PCA&D. The installation is a proclamation of the impact of a PCA&D education and the students’ professional practice as emerging artists.

The text-based participatory paper chain installation is, for each senior, a final chance to celebrate all their accomplishments and connections made during their time at PCA&D. Each link holds importance not just for the seniors to reflect upon, but also for the entire student body and potential PCA&D students who get a chance to see Coming to Terms.

“As students, we were given so many opportunities to grow and reach for goals that we never could possibly have imagined as children when we were scribbling with crayons. We have succeeded. We surpassed our dreams and accomplished so much as we enter our final stages of our PCA&D experience,” says Hagginbothom. “We are looking forward to experiencing the collective creation of gratitude and reflection that unfolds before us as the chains connect and grow. For now, let us celebrate together all that we have accomplished as we bid PCA&D farewell as students, and enter the ranks of professional artists as graduates.”