Design Professional: Web Certificate

Learn the principles of design and composition essential to effective design for the web

This series of design courses train students on the software programs used to create websites for businesses, family, friends, or themselves. All courses are taught by working professionals who use the tools they teach on a daily basis. This enables students to gain valuable insight into the expectations of the web design industry. You begin with Effective Design: Color & Typography, laying the foundation for all future design work. You will then learn the basics of hypertext markup language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS), which are critical to all web design projects as well as UX/UI. You can then choose to explore the fundamentals of WordPress or Adobe Photoshop to further your skills in creating dynamic content.

UX/Ui Web Design Certificate

Course Info

Courses are offered online at varying times year-round. Select classes begin in January, April, July, and September. Basic computer skills are required and will not be covered in class.

LENGTH OF CERTIFICATE: As little as 1 year.

COURSES TO COMPLETE: 4 classes total. Some customization may be available based on students’ experience. To receive a Certificate, students must achieve an overall 2.0 G.P.A. or better.


  • Understand the language and structure of HTML and CSS
  • Learn how to create dynamic, visual content
  • Develop effective design skills in color, composition, and typography
  • Learn how to manipulate and export images for web use

Course of Study

  • DES 150, Effective Design: Color & Typography
  • DES 152, Adobe Photoshop or DES 162, WordPress
  • DES 155, HTML & Website Design
  • DES 165, UX/UI


$500 per class

How to Register

Enrolling in one of PCA&D’s Certificate Programs is simple. Confirm your intent to pursue one of our certificates by filling out an application. Register for required courses on our class site

If you have any questions regarding mapping out a plan, upcoming class schedules, or completing your certificate, please contact the Center for Creative Exploration at 717.396.7833 ext 1005 or email