Student Gallery - Week 4

Peacocks Esports Camp

Grades 7-10

Summer 2021

Lead Facilitator: Teal Farrell, Co-Facilitators: Ryan White, Ben Farley, and Aris Marinos

During the summer of 2021, CCE hosted a week-long, in-person summer esports camp at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Competitive esports is an increasingly mainstream platform that relies on creativity, collaboration, and communication. As a growing segment of the sports industry, esports requires skilled and trained creatives and designers. 

Under the supervision of Teal Farrell and members of PCA&D’s collegiate esports team, the Peacocks, campers received hands-on instruction and practice with a focus on Overwatch and explored the needs of live production and online broadcasting. We also explored the career opportunities and possibilities within other aspects of esports, such as game design and management through various guest speakers. 


Dawn Cox, MSPT, CFMT

Dawn Cox owns and operates Prana Functional Manual Therapy, an independently owned physical therapy clinic in Lancaster, PA.  She has more than 20 years of physical therapy experience.  She honed her hands-on manual therapy skills in the heart of Broadway treating performing artists in New York City before she moved to Lancaster 15 years ago. 

Mrs. Cox became certified in a specialty of PT called Functional Manual Therapy in 2007.  She is one of four therapists in the state of Pennsylvania with this certification.  She has taught Core First Strategies, nationally for the Institute of Physical Art, a world-wide continuing education organization for physical therapists.  She serves as a guest lecturer at Franklin & Marshall College in the Theatre & Dance department. She was also recently awarded one of “The 25 Women Changing the Face of Lancaster City” and a few years ago as an “Innovator” (in healthcare) in Lancaster by the FIG magazine. She is a Lancaster Chamber member, and served on the Executive Leadership Team for Marketing for the Lancaster City Alliance for three years. 

She has recently started a new business called Myokind. Myokind is a strategic movement method to create wellness through efficient posture and movement. These postural strategies prevent repetitive stress injuries in the workplace and are built on decades of experience and passion for helping individuals be their best without pain. Myokind will serve human resources, safety and training executives nationwide to help bridge the gap on what they don’t know they don’t know about lifting strategies and other essential movements performed everyday by their employees. The highlight is a new instructional video for how to achieve the best posture with workplace movements…and it is more than just “use your legs!.

She jokes about being known in Lancaster as the “posture police” while giving postural tips to anyone who will listen, now those tips are going nation-wide! 

Gregg Travitz

Based in Santa Monica, California and a native of Central Pennsylvania, Gregg is a Business Development and Partnerships Manager at Riot Games. At Riot, Gregg supports the entire inventory of Riot’s game portfolio in North America, managing brand partners, driving business through new partnerships, and licensing IP and tournament operations.

An avid gamer, Gregg got his start while moonlighting as an esports shoutcaster and commentator while working in medical sales, and eventually landed a job at an esports and gaming startup in Los Angeles, California. From there, he gained experience in the industry and landed a job at Riot in 2016 working on the League of Legends Championship Series.  Five years later, working at Riot is still his dream job.

James Rogers

James Rogers is a Project Manager who works for Atomic Design, helping to make the creative dreams of the live events and entertainment industry into a reality. For the past six years James has managed the technical design and implementation of dozens of sets working on site and from his home in Lititz, Pennsylvania – the rock and roll production capital of the world! With clients including Nike, Samsung, MTV, and most recently the NFL Super Bowl LX halftime show, a few favorite productions stand out. These are the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards, the 2017 NHL All Star game, and the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. As esports become more popular live events are seeing an increase in productions and as a lifelong gamer, James finds these opportunities to be very exciting! Recent events in the past year have allowed James to discover his passion for streaming. He is currently a Twitch affiliate, enjoying Rocket League, FFVIX and APEX Legends.  James also holds an MFA in Technical Production from Penn State University.

Jen Kraft

Jen is a Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator, as well as a Visual Effects Artist at Firaxis Games. She has worked on games like Civilization VI, XCOM: Enemy Within, XCOM 2, and XCOM Chimera Squad.

She started as a Quality Assurance tester intern at Firaxis while studying Illustration at PCA&D. She then worked her way into being a full time Tester, and then part-time concept artist, before moving into her current position of Visual Effects Artist. On the side, she produces freelance illustrations and concept art for various companies. 

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