BFA Degree Program

Animation & Game Art

Digital media and interactive entertainment are the most pervasive and popular modes of connection, influence, and communication in today’s world. Students majoring in Animation & Game Art receive introductory and advanced training in this integrative and technology-driven field. Through lectures, demonstrations, and studio work, students gain mastery in the principles of 3D modeling, digital animation, digital audio production, time-based media, and production skills.

Students participate in the required internship program in relevant professional environments. The senior year is highlighted by senior thesis projects and participation in the Senior Show & Celebration. The digital media major, with a focus on career-oriented projects and developing professional skill sets, prepares students to meet the demands of a diverse and expanding job market in film, television, video games, and more.

Students who successfully complete the program will...

  • Demonstrate the ability to judge, adapt, and incorporate historical and/or contemporary influences and perspectives in their creative and intellectual processes.
  • Demonstrate a range of appropriate skills in the creation of work that is an effective union of concept, medium, and craft.
  • Demonstrate deliberate and effective communication through an informed and influential visual and verbal language unique to the digital media industry and its related fields, such as animation and gaming.
  • Engage in the business and practical realities of the digital media industry and its related fields while developing an influential body of work that adheres to appropriate trends and standards.

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