BFA Degree Program

Fine Art

Fine Art majors at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design work with a faculty of exhibiting artists to develop skills and abilities through studios in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and digital imaging. All courses in fine art are designed to hone the skills of each student as an artisan, to augment students’ abilities to conceptualize as visual thinkers and to assist in their consideration of complex contemporary issues while becoming creative problem solvers.

Our students expand their knowledge and experience as professionals through required internships and interactions with visiting artists. They also gain practical information about the business of art in professional practice courses. Being a fine artist requires a commitment to a process of personal development that takes a high level of motivation, independent thinking, creative use of material and technology, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Students who successfully complete the program will...

  • Demonstrate the ability to use a range of media and processes, perceive their impact on the experience of form, and understand the aesthetic theories that accompany them.
  • Formulate and develop a personal creative direction that results in artwork that is a union of concept, form, medium, and craft.
  • Formulate and apply critical and contextual analysis to their work and the work of others, while demonstrating an understanding of the visual arts and the relevancy of their work in the context of historic and contemporary art and the broader global culture.
  • Demonstrate deliberate and effective communication through an informed and influential visual and verbal language.

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