BFA Degree Program

Graphic Design

Graphic design provides a means to communicate powerfully and effectively through images and typography. From the label on a soda can to the most sophisticated interactive website to the look and function of applications – the creative process always involves working with other designers, photographers, digital artists, and illustrators to meet the needs of a client.

In Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s graphic design program, you will focus on conceptual and technical courses that are enhanced by gradual involvement with clients. All faculty in the department are freelance or full-time designers who bring professional jobs to the classroom as competitive assignments. Chosen and published designs can enhance your portfolio with professional work before you graduate.

The required senior internship is another professional experience for graphic design majors – the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. The senior year ends in a concentrated effort to hone presentation skills and prepare a final portfolio and senior exhibition. Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s graphic design program is structured to prepare you to work successfully in this highly competitive field.

Students who successfully complete the program will...

  • Demonstrate the ability to judge, adapt, and incorporate historical and/or contemporary influences and perspectives in their creative and intellectual processes.
  • Demonstrate a range of traditional and digital skills in the creation of design that is an effective union of concept, medium, and craft.
  • Demonstrate deliberate and effective communication through an informed and influential visual and verbal language unique to the graphic and interactive design industry.
  • Engage in the business and practical realities of the graphic and interactive design industry business trends and standards.
  • Develop a portfolio of work that meets entry-level professional standards in the graphic and interactive design industries.

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