BFA Degree Program


Illustrators are visual storytellers. We create symbolic images, narrative scenes, and conceptual pieces that speak every language. Collaborating with creative directors, clients, authors, customers, designers, and editors we solve problems and aesthetically create alternate worlds for our viewers to live in, even if just for a moment.

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Our illustration faculty are a diverse professional team who guide the students through a curriculum emphasizing strong concepts, powerful techniques, and visual storytelling. Every instructor is a working professional and submerged in their field. Our instructors attend national conferences and conventions to enhance their skills and knowledge and bring their learnings to the classroom. From our instructors’ experiences in children’s books to concept art to editorial illustrations to comics, we celebrate our range and variety, encompassing the students in the diversity. The Illustration department embraces all mediums, motivating each student to work both traditionally and digitally, each honing their skills and creating their own unique visual voices.

Participation in online community projects, engagement in professional jobs with outside clients, entering Illustration competitions, exceeding the required internships and mentorship program, and the creation of entrepreneur-based projects are highly encouraged by the department and enthusiastically embraced by the students. Our student work has been celebrated in student competitions such as the Society of Illustrators, 3×3 magazine, and Spectrum. Our alumni have gone on to be sole proprietor entrepreneurs as well as full-time staff for numerous gaming and animation companies such as LAIKA.

Students who successfully complete the program will...

  • Demonstrate the ability to judge, adapt, and incorporate historical and/or contemporary influences and perspectives in their creative and intellectual processes.
  • Demonstrate a range of traditional and digital skills in the creation of illustrations that are an effective union of concept, medium, and craft.
  • Demonstrate deliberate and effective communication through an informed and influential visual and verbal language unique to the illustration industry and its related fields.
  • Engage in the business and practical realities of the illustration industry and its related fields while developing an influential body of work that adheres to appropriate trends and standards.

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