2021-22 Esports Team


Alex Zhao
Illustration '21

I'm the team captain and the one who makes calls within the games and helps the others.
. . .
Since I was young, I've been playing games like pokemon, final fantasy and fire emblem all second hand through my brother who was into games. I didn't really fall in love with a game until Shadow of the Colossus.


Brendan Adams
Illustration '21

When I'm playing, my whole deal is to split push, split push, split push. I take down towers and other objectives while the enemy is distracted elsewhere. I also take down any laners that challenge me so I can keep the pressure on in those areas on the map.
. . .
When I first got into gaming I was into open world games like Skyrim and Assassin's Creed.


Aeri Tulayan
Graphic Design, '21

I'd like to think I'm a secondary shotcaller since I like to keep track of the enemy's positions and our positions on the map a lot.
. . .
The first game I ever fell in love with was RollerCoaster Tycoon. It's a theme park building simulation game and I used to play it for hours every day.


Chase Rusinko
Graphic Design '22

My role on the team is to be there for the others. Literally. I'm the team's fill in, in case someone can't make it to a game or practice.
. . .
I've been a big Pokemon and Nintendo nerd for so long and that slowly led into my love for strategic games. Any of the Fire Emblem games, specifically Fire Emblem Awakening, are very good contenders as well.

Azakana Shikari

Ryan White
Undecided '24

I play a unique role, while the rest of my team focuses on emphasized teamwork and communication, I prioritize putting our enemies in the dirt and giving my team an opening.
. . .
I think the first game I truly got into was either Modern Warfare 3 or Skyrim. I love all different types of games but those two hold special places in my heart. I still play them even today.


Nick Rivas
Fine Art '24

My main role is attacking and doing as much damage to the other team as possible
. . .
I got into gaming when I played on the original Xbox and on the Nintendo 64 at a really young age. My favorite game has always been Halo. I played it all the time growing up.

Frosted Flakes37

Keyron Crummel
Illustration '24

My role on the team is someone who keeps a calm mind and spots a weakness in the enemy team
. . .
I was about 8 and the game I fell in love with was Crackdown on the Xbox 360.


Aris Marinos
Animation/Game Arts '22

My role on the team is to ensure my other laners are getting the leads they need to succeed and securing the objectives for overall victory. I need to be able to impact the map in ways that bring us the advantage.
. . .
The first game that ever got me into gaming was Team Fortress 2. It was a casual goofy FPS game where I met a large majority of my online friends who I still talk to this day.


Sky Cordiano
Animation/Game Arts '22

My role on the team is a Tank.
. . .
I believe the first game I ever got into competitively was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Time. It was a Gamecube game and is still a favorite of mine.


Jeremy Bensing
Animation/Game Arts '21

My main role is to have my teams back and help them as much as possible.
. . .
I got into games a LONG time ago, I grew up watching my father play games on our old computer. Yet the first game I ever played and fell in love with was Mechwarrior 2 on Windows 98. That game still has a very special place in my heart and not to mention it has a phenomenal soundtrack.


River Wintermantel
Animation/Game Arts '24

My main role on the team is DPS, specifically ranged and hitscan heroes. Ashe is the character I play the most.
. . .
The first game I fell in love with would be Pokemon Black 2. My parents bought me the game for Christmas for my DS.


Becky Resnick
Animation/Game Arts '24

My preferred team roles are as a Support or Tank. Most of the time in practice, I have been playing as a Tank.
. . .
The first game I think I ever fell in love with was probably the Little Big Planet series for Playstation. I love the game’s style, soundtrack, and simple platforming gameplay.


Dorinda Benner
Illustration '21

I play a flex role, but mainly I play Tanks or Healers
. . .
I've been gaming ever since I was a child and could hold a controller. My first game was Mario Kart on the N64, but the first game I fell in love with was Assassins Creed II.