2021-22 Esports Team

Aris Marinos

Animation & Game Art '22

My role on the team is Jungle. I definitely enjoy being able to play with other competitive-minded people and learning from each other. The biggest challenge I believe is balancing school and game time. I think it’s pretty neat that we get to play as a school to compete against other colleges. I enjoy Valorant, Apex Legends, Magic Arena, and Risk of Rain 2.

DJ Tedrick

Animation & Game Art '22

My role on the team is ADC. My favorite part about the team is being able to play with others. My major challenge was learning the game when I first joined the team. I also like playing practically everything.

Keyron Crummel

Illustration '24

My role on the team is Top Lane. My favorite part is how open my teammates are. Our biggest challenge is finding time for all of us to practice. I also like playing fighting games and role-playing games.

Cole Zajdel

Illustration major '25

My main role Support position. The biggest challenge of is keeping track of all the factors that affect who might win in the end. My favorite thing about it is that it's the same game each time, but so many factors that have different outcomes. I also love playing the Sims 4 and Minecraft as well!

Jonathan Shelor

Illustration '24

My role on the team is Captain and DPS flex player. I love the social aspects of team play, getting to learn the strengths of my team and play off of them as well as consistently having a great group of friends to play with. I still think the name is unfortunate. I also like to play Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley, among other games. I'm also no stranger to shooters, being a veteran of the Destiny franchise, Team Fortress 2, Titanfall 2, and Planetside, to name a few.

River Wintermantel

Fine Art '24

My role on the team is Captain and DPS. Competing in esports has been a lowkey want of mine for a while, so when I found out PCA&D had a team, I was super excited to join. Being a part of a competitive team and being able to represent PCA&D is an incredible feeling! I haven't really been playing many other games lately, but Paladins, Stardew Valley, and the entire Pokemon series.

Cara Miller

Animation/Game Arts '24

My role is to play support and heal my team. My favorite part of being a PCA&D Peacock is playing Overwatch with my team. They’re very kind and always encourage me to do my best. I couldn’t ask for a better team than the one I have now. I love to play Pokémon games, Digimon, Yugioh, Dragon Ball, Minecraft, and much more!

Jason Wagner

Photography & Video '23

I play a support role. The best part about playing for PCA&D is having a reliable team to practice with. Lately, I have been playing more VR titles.

Alex Serna

Class of '23

My role on the team is Tank. I enjoy being on the team and all of the highs and the lows that come with it. I enjoy testing the limits of what myself and the team are capable of. Because a lot of the college is rooting for us, there is always added pressure to perform to the best of our abilities. I also like playing Fallout New Vegas, Stellaris, and Yugioh.

Rebecca (Becky) Resnick

Animation & Game Art '24

My role on the team is main Tank. I love feeling important and good at the role I play. I feel like I’m part of the foundation of our team. It can be a real challenge when we don’t have the full team and have random fill-ins; it can be hard to be a cohesive team. I mostly play single-player games outside of Overwatch, but I recently started playing League of Legends, once again, to fill out my friends’ casual stack as support.

Jacob Kinney

Illustration '24

My role on the team is Tank. The friends I made on the team and (they’ve) helped me improve at the game we all play together. The biggest challenge would be learning to play with others. I started on the Xbox so learning how to communicate with team members was the biggest adjustment. I also like playing Smash. Games that aren't necessarily esports are the ones I play a lot, basically any Bethesda game, and Yu-Gi-Oh when I have some time.