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12/11/2020 - 1/10/2021

Things Left Unsaid

A virtual exhibition partnership with the Lancaster Museum of Art

The following exhibition and publication were sponsored by Nick and Jean Selch.

Things Left Unsaid, a digital exhibition and collaboration between the Lancaster Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design features the work of the Fine Art Department seniors in a virtual exhibition. Artists include Rachel Boldt, Sharnee Burnett, Karissa Deiter, Meranda Hall, Paige Hershey, Brittany Lare, Sarah Lennon, Danielle Parker, Spencer Robbins, and Mab Ulrich-Neureuter.

This group exhibition juxtaposes a diverse array of mediums and narratives. All the highlighted artists bring their own perspective of artmaking to our shared environment. Whether personal narrative or societal commentary, each artist focuses on the growth of their individual voice. What may be left unsaid in everyday life is exhibited through the work. The works featured were created through the Fine Art Senior Studio class taught by Professor William Mammarella, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Fine Art Department at the College.

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Exhibition Partner

The Demuth Foundation operates two art museums in downtown Lancaster—the Demuth Museum and the Lancaster Museum of Art—and works to promote the appreciation and awareness of the visual arts in Lancaster. The Foundation preserves the legacy of modernist painter Charles Demuth and his groundbreaking art, supports local and regional artists, and inspires a new generation of artists. More information about their exhibitions and programs can be found at www.demuth.org.

“Part of our mission at the Demuth Foundation is to encourage student artists at all levels of their education,” states Abigail Baer, Executive Director of the Demuth Foundation, “and we’re pleased to be able to encourage PCA&D students with this opportunity to exhibit their works.”

“We are thrilled to embark on our first digital collaboration with the Lancaster Museum of Art.” Alana Coates, Director of Exhibitions at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design states, “This partnership is an honor for the College and the students gain a professional experience with esteemed exposure from the Museum.”

Lancaster Museum of Art’s page for the exhibit

Collaborative Group Portrait by the Fine Art Senior Studio, Class 2021