Liz Pulido

Assistant Professor



Liz is an award-winning illustrator with 10 years of professional experience with work featured in American Illustration, Spectrum, and Creative Quarterly. She helped build a start-up children’s clothing business as a textile artist, and her textile work for Izzy & Ferd was worn on the red carpet and featured in multiple magazines, including Mama, Parents, and PNMag, as well as a Hershey’s chocolate television commercial.

In 2016, Liz went on to illustrate her first book, Off to be the Wizard with 47 North as one of the first Kindle inMotion ebooks and began working as the lead concept designer at Thekla, Inc., a video game studio run by Jonathan Blow.

From 2016 to 2020, she developed the entire look for their upcoming unannounced game from environments, characters, props, color palettes, hand-painted textures, and illustrated storytelling assets while leading the art team with extensive reference and art direction.

Currently, Liz is working on a joint project utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to tell an interactive illustrated horror story, pushing the limits between an illustrated novel and a video game.


BYU - BFA in Illustration

MICA - MFA in Illustration Practice

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