Randy Haldeman ’12

Adjunct Professor

Alumni / Illustration

Randy is a comic artist/illustrator from Lancaster, PA, where he resides with his wife, young daughter, son, and cat Danté. (Fun Fact: His daughter is named for the dog in Pixar’s Coco).

He is an alumni of PCA&D, with a BFA in Illustration. Primarily, he makes comics. His genres of choice are science fiction, fantasy, horror, or westerns.

Randy has been published by a handful of small press publishers, including Source Point Press, Margins Publishing, Pilot Studios, and Grayhaven Comics, and he has been featured in many comic anthologies, most recently Off Into the Sunset (“Cops and Robbers”), Tales from the Pandemic (“Flight 616”), and Monocul (“Boxes All the Way Down”). He also does illustration work for both comic and magazine covers.

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