This is a creative community where everyone belongs

PCA&D was founded by artists and designers in 1982 to provide a creative haven to develop their talents and passions into an artistic career. 

Today, we are still a tight-knit community on a mission to help each other thrive and make the world more colorful and interesting. 

With a faculty of professional working artists, we are a small and mighty community where living a creative life is amazingly rewarding. 

All of us are on a path to develop our portfolios and confidence as makers, and we work together in an affirming community of artists.

I guess you could say “art geeks” is an expression we embrace with pride!

You’ll love being in Lancaster City – a funky small city that is abounding with creative influences.

You’ll be surrounded by more than 125 art galleries, museums, and shops.

You can live nearby in updated, stylish apartments or easily commute from around the region. 

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