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Installation photos by Na’Chelle Morris '22

2/12/2021 - 4/02/2021

2021 Faculty Biennial

The Faculty Biennial is an important tradition within academia that celebrates the crux of education as a system of mentorship and inspiration. These exhibits are designed to celebrate the faculty for their dedication to the College’s mission and showcase their creative talents. “Professors shepherd students through the sometimes revelatory and sometimes heartbreaking experience of learning,” states Dr. Jessica Sponsler, PCA&D Assistant Professor of Art History, in the foreword to the exhibition publication. “It is a partnership between student and faculty that lasts just a few years but leaves imprints that remain for a lifetime.”

This exhibit honors the full-time faculty and highlights the work of Pamela Barby, Becky Blosser, Linda King Brown, Maria Cummings-Miller, Jon di Venti, Christina Hess, Johan Klingler, William Mammarella, Justin Phillips, Dr. Jessica Sponsler, Aaron Thompson, Jeremy Waak, Eric Weeks, and Robert Young. The wide variety of media exhibited showcases the breadth of the faculty’s expertise.

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