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11/15/2021 - 1/12/2022

Pulse and Flow: Art of the Modern Zoetrope

By Eric Dyer

Eric Dyer, a Baltimore-based artist, “reinvents” and reimagines the zoetrope, a 19th-century optical device. This interactive exhibition features installations by Dyer which are meant to be activated by the viewer.

Dyer’s innovative art combines photography, sculpture, and technology that’s both modern and more than a century old to bring sequential static images and objects into motion. His art plays with scale and perspective, and his work has been widely exhibited, from the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art and the screens of Times Square to the London International Film Festival, Ars Electronica, and the Venice and Cairo Biennales.

Dyer, who teaches visual arts and animation at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, has been a Guggenheim Fellow, Sundance New Frontier Artist, Fulbright Fellow, and Creative Capital Artist. He is represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York.

“This much-anticipated show is a wonderful opportunity to engage our students from several media, including our new LiveX program at PCA&D,” says Alex Schaufele, PCA&D’s Director of Exhibitions. “The dynamic works that Dyer is showing activate a sensory experience for the viewer, in some instances making them a critical part of the work even if just for a moment.”

The Gallery at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design welcomes visitors. Hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday; 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday. Masks are required.

Please note portions of this exhibition feature strobe lights and fast-moving images.