12/18/2017 - 2/09/2018

Shivery Proof

Shivery Proof, an exhibition by Ranu Mukherjee

Ranu Mukherjee

Dec 18th-Feb 9th

Ranu Mukherjee’s work explores states of excess, drawing links between present day global capitalism and animism still residual in our collective psyche. Occupying fragments as a generative source, she makes and unmakes images, culling content from a variety of diverse sources ranging from 19th century Indian lithographs to images of current events. Through layering and recombining, she creates an amalgam of media, subjects, ideas and time frames within the same space. Her hybrid films, paintings and textiles look at the construction of culture through creolization, the nomadic, ecology, speculative fiction, desire and the unknown.


Join us for an Artist Talk by Ranu Mukherjee on January 22, at 10:00 a.m. in the PCA&D Atrium.