Internship program

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PCA&D provides resources and advising support to find internship opportunities for all students in all degree programs.

Students are expected to seek out and propose internship opportunities but guidance and direct referral are also provided by department chairs, internship coordinators, and faculty in the major departments.

All internships must ultimately be approved by the department chair or internship coordinator and are expected to occur in the summer between the third and fourth years in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. In some cases, the internship process can continue into the fourth year as long as there is no time conflict with the required coursework.

Internship Opportunities

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when internship is over

Upon the conclusion of a department approved internship, students must complete the appropriate form below… 

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If you have questions, please email careerservices@pcad.edu.

become an intern site

If you’re an employer, you can request approval to become a PCA&D internship site. Learn more and complete a form to start the process.