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PCA&D internship

All students in degree majors are required to complete a professional-level internship or mentorship before graduating

Every summer, our students work on internships at sports magazines and design firms, with independent photographers, and at art centers in the region.

Interested in hiring an intern?

Potential employers may request to be an internship site by filling out this form.
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

internship process

Students are expected to seek out and propose internship opportunities but guidance and direct referral are also provided by department chairs, internship coordinators, and faculty in the major departments.

All internships must ultimately be approved by the department chair or internship coordinator and are expected to occur in the summer between the third and fourth years in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. In some cases, the internship process can continue into the fourth year as long as there is no time conflict with the required coursework.

All internships at PCA&D involve commitment and assessment from both the internship site supervisor and the intern. Required assessment paperwork includes:

  • Written description from the site (on letterhead stationery) that outlines the student’s responsibilities during the internship period and states who will supervise the intern. According to department standards for the level of professionalism to be achieved during the internship experience, the department chair or internship coordinator may approve or deny an internship at this stage.
  • Written evaluation of a student by the internship site supervisor at the conclusion of an internship experience.
  • Written evaluation of the internship site by the student at the conclusion of the internship experience.

upon completion

Students must fill out the appropriate evaluation form when the internship is done

Employers/mentors must fill out the appropriate form when the internship is done


For more information, email Todd Snovel, Vice President of Student Affairs & Community Engagement.

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